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Product Detail

BNT-3000 Infant Radiant Warmer

BNT-3000 Infant Radiant Warmer

Product feature:

● LCD display screen, easily setting, clear and intuitive;

● Microcomputer system controlled temperature

● 8 inch touch screen

● Built-in APGAR Timer and >37℃ preset function

● Tilting Bed and Rotary Radiant Head;

● X-ray Cassette Tray under infant bed, examination light of high illuminance;

● Use anti-blast quartz infrared tube as radiant heating source.

● Self-testing function, failure alarms by audible and visual

● Three modes: preheating, manual and automatic

● Mattress temperature uniformity: ≤2.0℃

● Temperature rise time: ≤45 min

● Heat output indicate: 0~100% in 10% increment

● Mattress Size: 68cm×56cm

● Heater infrared wavelength: 1-3 μm

● Optional Built-in suction

● Optional Pulse Oximeter

● Optional LED Phototherapy unit

● Optional Baby Scale

● Optional Oxygen supply system

● Optional ECG

● Optional Electric height adjustable

● Optional Storage Drawer

Technical specifications:

1. Temperature control system

Temperature display range: 0℃-60℃

Skin temperature control range: 20.0℃-37.0℃ 37.1℃-38.0℃;

Skin temperature accuracy :≤±0.3℃;

Skin temperature deviation alarm: ±1.0℃.

2. Oxygen concentration (Optional)

Oxygen concentration setting range: 21%-65%

Oxygen concentration display range: 18%-99%

Oxygen concentration display accuracy: 2%

Oxygen concentration control accuracy: 3%

3. Baby weight scale(Optional)

Weight range: 500g-10kg

Weight accuracy: ±10g

Display trend diagram of baby weight

4. Pulse Oximeter monitor (Optional)

SpO2: measure range 0-100%, display resolution 1%;

Pulse rate (PR): measure range 25-250bpm, display resolution 1bpm;

Perfusion index(PI): measure range 0-20%, display resolution 0.001%;

Variability index: measure range 0-100%, display resolution 1%.

5. ECG (Optional)

ECG measure range: 0.15mV-5.5mV

ECG measure accuracy: 2.36uV/LSB

Breath measure range: 15-120rpm

Heart rate measure range: 15-300bpm

Heart rate measure accuracy: ±1bpm

Body temperature measure range: 0-50℃

Body temperature measure accuracy: 0.1℃